Outsourcing (outsourcing) - outsourcing of non-core resources to perform the work of the organization.
Outsourcing defines a methodology of work when the contracting authority to attract external specialized firms to meet their mandatory, but not major, not income-generating functions. Bears responsibility for the result service provider.
We charge accounting, auditing, legal support.

Outsourcing - is not only a way to reduce costs. In modern conditions, any company should work much faster and more flexible. Outsourcing allows for a more efficient business model.
By outsourcing is a transfer on a contractual basis of non-core functions of the subject External artists specializing in a particular area and has the knowledge, experience and technical equipment. Using outsourcing services, the organization - the customer actually receives additional structural unit, which at the same time remain legally independent from him.
Outsourcing options endless. In order to reduce costs and improve the quality of customers buy only those functions that they need. You can outsource bookkeeping and tax accounting.

Within each product or service laid the price of production management, which includes the contents of all managers, internal and external elements of the infrastructure. This price is expressed in the amount of overhead. The objective of reducing this cost control is always relevant, because it is backed substantial reserves to reduce costs.
To solve this problem, there is only one way: to change the organizational structure. Reducing total cost of the enterprise can be obtained by reducing the total number of business units.
The economic effect of changes in the organizational structure can be manifested in the release of office space that can be rented or, on the contrary, does not pay rent for them.

Outsourcing may seem expensive. However, with proper calculation of the cost of doing business and tax accounting insourcing outsourcing almost always loses.
Accounting outsourcing has several advantages. First of all, it is the possibility of concentrating management efforts on the customer's core business. But the most important advantage of outsourcing is the quality of work performed. Accountants work is under constant supervision of auditors that allows us to achieve the highest quality services. The customer reduces the risk of misstatement in accounting operations, respectively, and decreases the likelihood of an incorrect calculation of tax payments.

Cost accounting services depends primarily on the tax system, the activity of the organization and the number of primary accounting documents.
At present, there was a significant reduction in the cost of accounting services. Appear dubious offers from accounting firms, and now from the accountants, who were recently laid off. Laid off, as a rule, not the best shots. Suggestions about 3000 rubles per quarter come from amateurs and beginners to experts.
Accounting firms, has long been on the market for accounting services, value their reputation and strive to perform at a high level, which, incidentally, includes decent pay.
The reputation of the company's accounting work and that, in agreement with the accounting company provides for liability for disclosure of confidential information. And the likelihood that an employee of the company accounting is on friendly terms with any of the employees of the contracting authority or its competitor, is very small.

When forming the staff of accounting firms typically seek to involve employees with a strong ability to work with constantly changing information and the ever-changing rules of its processing. This is due to the fact that accounting firms serve many firms, each of which is unique in its activities. In the process of accounting services accumulate teaching materials that regulate accounting of most business operations.
Therefore, while a staff accountant will spend time on independent study of a new operation, accounting services staff can already keep accounting records - already chosen the necessary training materials, identified and resolved problematic issues that have arisen from companies with similar characteristics.

Replace staff accountant difficult and expensive. If necessary, the accounting services are much easier to replace staff working with tenants, because the needs and wishes of the client - it's the law of any business who wants to maintain its reputation and is responsible for the quality of its product.

To provide services on accounting is a contract onerous provision of services on the basis of Article 779 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The structure of the contract for the provision of accounting services can be different. The contract must contain a description of accounting services at the level of certain actions and payment of these services by the customer.
Agreement, which we offer to our clients, take into account the technological features of the exchange of information with the client and determines the regulations document. The agreement delineated the basic and additional services. Composition of essential services determined by the requirements of the legislation to the accounting and tax accounting. Composition of additional services is determined by the client.
The more details the rights and obligations of the parties are fixed in the contract, the more mutually beneficial result will be the execution of this agreement by the parties.

Employees of the accounting firm is directly involved in decision customer is important strategic and tactical decisions. Given this level of confidence, we can provide the majority of professional consulting services as may be required by our customers.

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